Services available are:

Sexual Violence Crisis call out (24/7)  |  SV Counselling  |  SV Court Support  |  Prevention education wananga/programmes

We have a range of support spaces – Rangatahi group support/ tamariki-kaumatua support group.


That you will receive as much information as possible to make your own informed choices and decisions.

That your Support Worker shall not abuse her position by taking advantage of you for her own social, personal, political, financial, spiritual, or sexual gain.

That you will have the service clearly explained to you.

That you will have the option to be referred to another agency if you feel Whaiora does not meet your needs.

That you will have the Whaiora complaints procedure explained to you. You will need to know this in case at any time you feel there has been a breach of practice by your Support Worker.

Children and young persons will not be physically punished or treated in a way that is degrading or humiliating or causes unreasonable fear or anxiety. Alternative methods of discipline will be employed.

That your rights of privacy and confidentiality will be preserved.


Confidential information shall be disclosed only with the clients informed consent.


There is a clear danger to your life, or the safety of others.

There is obvious drug and/or alcohol use.

A minor becomes pregnant.

Children are deemed to be in an “at risk” situation.

Section 59(a) of the Children & Young Person Act 1989, allows CYFS or the police to sight any documentation held on behalf of a particular client.

You will be consulted by your support worker before she takes any action on the above.

Be strong because things will get better. . . it may be stormy now, but it doesn't rain forever.